The Canon MP610 Driver on AMD64 Ubuntu

February 1, 2009

I recently purchased a Canon MP620 multi-function printer and had troubles with the driver which comes with Intrepid.  It would add a vertical skip between each ink stripe. I found a few posts suggesting that the MP610 drivers which ship with Ubuntu should work, aside from a curious paper source issue, but try as I might - no luck.

I think, "Let’s try Canon’s MP 610 drivers," - except the driver programs are binary-only and only packaged for i386.  Bah!

Here’s how to make them work:

  1. apt-get install ia32-libs
  2. Download the MP 620/MP 630 PPD.  This is actually Canon’s MP 610 PPD with non-working paper sources removed.
  3. Download the two i386 debs, cnijfilter-common_*.deb and cnijfilter-mp610series_*.deb from Canon Asia site into a temporary directory.
  4. Download this script into the same directory.
  5. sudo sh
  6. Extract the PPD from the archive file.
  7. Go to "System > Administration > Printing" and either add a new printer or select the new PPD for the existing printer.
Tags: linux fixme