Intro to Scheme

January 29, 2013

What's amazing about Scheme is that it's small and easy to learn, but still amazingly powerful. Scheme's code-is-data philosophy allows you to invent your own language features. And it's functional.

Below are the slides from a talk I gave at PrizCon 2013.

My talk starts with an overview of the language and how code is represented, tinkers with some self-modifying code, invents a few language constructs, and shows off a few brain-warping control structures.

My current interest in Scheme stems from a frustration with the amount of boilerplate found in iOS development. I'm currently hacking on gambit-objc, an extension to Gambit scheme which allows dynamic invocation of Objective-C methods. My hope is to build an iOS environment on this which goes back to command-line tools, DRY, and text files.

Tags: objvimmer scheme