Goodbye, iPhone

October 19, 2013

Goodbye, iPhone, I'm leaving you.

It's not really because of apps. I'm actually going to a platform that had exactly twelve third-party apps as of yesterday. In fact, I'm going to write a Starbucks app for this platform so that I can continue to have one.

It's not really because of the iOS 7 design changes. I mean, they're OK, right? Kinda Android-y in a way. No, it's not because of that.

It's not because of the bugs. I mean, I have managed to crash the official iOS 7 and the core apps a lot more than any previous iOS. And make all of my Twitter client wiggle as though it were an icon that I was going to move on the home screen. But, no, the OS I'm moving to is definitely buggier than this right now.

And it's not because of development tools or architecture. Objective-C and dynamic dispatch are fine tools for a GUI system, as misunderstood as they often are. Objective-C is a joy to work with most of the time, unlike (for me) Android's strange and confusing mashup of Enterprise and low-memory idioms. I've figured out how to avoid using Xcode for the most part, but if I were forced to use an IDE, well I might actually choose Xcode.

No, the reason is really just joy.

See, I'm moving to Ubuntu Touch. Part of the reason I'm doing this is the same reason I moved to Linux back in 1997. I fondly mis-remember Linus writing (before he became all anrgy, mind you), "remember when men were men and had to write their own device drivers?" Yeah. That was fun. I want that again.

I want to collaborate again! That's a huge part of it. I want to fix a bug in the dashboard. I want to talk to someone about how they wrote their cool innovative GPS app and submit a patch, and steal their ideas and patch it into my Starbucks app. I want to look at the code for the contacts app to see if it's supposed to behave the way it does.

I'm currently making a list of the absolute must have apps before I shut off my iPhone and port the number, but that seems like another post.

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