zerg_xcode 0.4.0 released

January 3, 2012

Victor Costan has just handed me the keys to zerg_xcode, an MRI Ruby gem which allows programmatic manipulation of your Xcode project file. I've just made the first release since 2009.

In this release, I've:

  • Added support for ruby 1.9
  • Made some minor bugfixes and performance improvements
  • Moved to Jeweler for building and releasing the gem
  • Begun transitioning to RSpec

My vision for this gem is to evolve the API to be much higher level, so that many of the tools and hacks that I feel are missing when developing for iOS can be strung together easily. This should happen incrementally as I get more familiar with the code and push code from features I develop for ios.vim (and other projects) into it.

Tags: iOS objvimmer